Real-Time DX Advanced Admin

Course Description

The Advanced Administrator training Course is designed for users who want to get more in-depth knowledge about Real-Time DX and have completed and received the
Real-Time DX Admin Training Course Certificate. The course includes an additional online e-learning 15-minute session on advanced On-prem structure. This course includes a final exam. Passing the final exam grants you a completion certificate. 

Course Duration

4 hours: 2 sessions at 2 hours each


FREE – for ControlUp customers

Full course agenda

  • Prerequisites: Pass the Real-Time DX Admin Course exam
    Contains live labs: Yes 
        Topic       Content
Session 12 hours
ControlUp Architecture
  • What are the differences between Hybrid-Cloud and On-premises architecture
  • Sizing guidelines
  • Review the components and what they do
    • CU Server
    • CU Console
    • CU Monitor
    • CU Insights

How to create a new branch:

  • Monitor Sites and what are their benefits
  • How to install a Monitor Cluster and why
  • How to configure branch mapping for your devices
  • Why and when to create a Data Collector

Learn how to improve performance and fully optimize ControlUp!

QuizStudents are presented with questions to ensure the content is understood well
Session 2 2 hours
Security Policy

How to limit the Real-Time Console view using a group policy


How to solve issues related to:

  • Monitors
  • Agents
  • Ports
  • Triggers

Know how to run basic troubleshooting if missing data from insights

Triggers/Automated Actions

Learn complex conditions and how to use them

Script Actions

How to ‘PowerUp’ your scripts – Tips and tricks to edit current scripts and add in attributes from ControlUp. (This section does not train you in how to write PowerShell and does not require prior knowledge of writing in PowerShell.)

Final Exam

Each student must pass a final exam to receive ControlUp certification

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