Edge DX Admin

Course Description

ControlUp Edge DX improves the digital employee experience by managing endpoint devices—no matter where people are working. It is a real-time monitoring and optimization solution that deploys, at scale, in just minutes. The Certified Edge DX Administrator training course is designed for new admins that are just starting with ControlUp Edge DX. This course includes e-learning exercises, and a final exam.   

Course Duration

2 hours in 1 session


FREE – for ControlUp customers

Full course agenda

        Topic       Content

  How to log in through multiple routes:

  • ControlUp Console
  • Solve
  • Directly through Edge DX
Edge Overview
  • How to add machines
  • Knowing your tenant name
  • Reviewing the dashboards
Creating and Customizing Reports
  • How to create custom reports
  • How to create custom data using scripts
Alerts – Receiving Notifications
  • How to create alerts
  • How to  receive notifications
  • How to run actions 
  Actions  What actions can be run inside of the machines and how they interact with the end user

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