VDI & DaaS Administrator

Course Description

The VDI & DaaS Administrator is a brand new course designed for both new admins that are just starting with ControlUp VDI & DaaS, as well as seasoned ControlUp admins who would like to refresh or expand their existing knowledge and skills.  Passing the final exam grants you a completion certificate. 

Course Duration

4 hours


FREE – for ControlUp customers

Course agenda

Contains live labs: No

Topic        Content
ControlUp Real-Time Consoles Overview and Setup
  • The different parts of the Real-Time console and their functionality
  • The different parts of the Solve  console and their functionality
  • How to add machines
  • How to navigate the organization tree
  • How to connect and disconnect from machines
  Troubleshooting with ControlUp

 How to navigate the consoles for optimal troubleshooting using:

  •  Grid focus
  •  Column sorting
  •  Column presets
  • Grouping and more..
Thresholds & Stress Levels
  • How to analyze thresholds
  • How to configure thresholds & Stress levels
  • How to understand stress levels

Security Policy
  • The logic behind the ControlUp Security Policy
  • How to configure and manage roles
  • How to manage permissions
Adding Users
  • How to configure and manage roles
  • How to add users to Insight
Hands-on Exercises   Students are presented with short tasks to ensure the content is fully understood
Management Actions
  • How to use management actions
  • The different actions that are available for each view
  • How to perform batch actions
  • What is the controller’s pane and its added value for performing batch remediation actions on several machines with a click
  • How to select multiple machines and right-click to get to manage services
  • The color-coding legend
  • How to compare/modify the registry, file systems, and services on multiple machines
Incidents & Triggers
  • What is the ControlUp Monitor?
  • How to create and configure incident triggers
  • The incidents and events panes
Script Actions
  •  How to install a script action
  •  How to run script actions manually
Automated Actions  How to set up triggers to automate script actions
Hands-on Exercises  Students are presented with short tasks to ensure the content is fully understood

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