Secure DX Introduction

Secure DX Introduction

IT teams usually play a crucial role in maintaining company information security. While cybersecurity teams focus on the bigger picture, it’s the IT teams that handle policies, compliance, configurations, vulnerability management, and patching. In addition to these responsibilities, IT teams manage software deployments, troubleshoot issues, and provide technical support, among other tasks. This workload often leaves them struggling to keep up with vulnerabilities and updates, which can leave the company exposed. This scenario can result in security breaches and cyber-attacks, a situation none of us want to encounter! This is where Secure DX steps in.  In this course, you will learn how to use and configure Secure DX to meet your goals

Course Duration

1 h


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Full course agenda

        Topic       Content
Why Secure DX?
  • Main benefits
  • How to start a trail
Template Creation
  • How to create a template
  • Setting up  scheduled scans
Analyze and prioritize issues
  • How to analyze and prioritize issues from a user aspect 
  • How to analyze and prioritize issues from a device aspect 
  • How to analyze and prioritize issues from an application aspect 
Remediate issues
  • How to Automatically remediate issues
  • How to manually remediate issues.

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