Azure integration introduction

Course Description

This self-paced course will walk you through the monitoring abilities for Azure in ControlUp Real Time DX and Solve. You’ll learn the prerequisites for setting up the feature on your system and how to configure it for the best results.  

Course Duration

30 minutes


FREE – for ControlUp customers

Full course agenda

Topic        Content
Part 1      5 min
Introduction to ControlUp Azure Integration
  • The five main benefits of using Azure features in ControlUp
Part 2      5 min

What is required before starting out:

  •  Latest ControlUp
  •  How to setup the Azure subscription 
  •  How to register with MS Health provider
  •  How to create a service principal
  • How to setup a Data collector
Part 3      5 min
Set up and Configuration
  • How to create a cloud connection
  • How to set security roles
Part 4  8 min
Setting Customization
  • How to edit the connection settings
  • How to edit the collection interval
  • How to modify the currency type
  • How to modify the timeout settings
  • How to configure the cost views
Part 5  5 min
Nerdio integration
  • How to deploy agents through Nerdio Manager

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